YouTube launches in full Super Thank you; here’s how to make it available on your channel.

Super Thanks, a new feature, was beta-tested on YouTube last year. It provided a means for certain creators to get paid directly by YouTube subscribers. The site is now opening Super Thanks to creators in more than 68 nations.

YouTube launched its most recent tool for producers to get extra money about a year ago: Many thanks.

Users had the option to pay money through Super Thanks to express gratitude for uploaded videos. These contributions, which may range from $2 to $50, would make the audience member’s comment stand out while also demonstrating their support for the channel.

Super Thanks was previously exclusively accessible in beta, with a limited amount of channels having access to this financial function. More creators are now getting access to the tool so they can use it on their channels. According to YouTube, the tool would be accessible to all qualified producers in 68 places through the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube offers channels and producers a few additional features in addition to Super Thanks. For those who donate, Super Chats are available for live streaming, which once more will showcase your opinion and demonstrate support. Super Stickers are available for purchase on YouTube if you don’t want to leave a remark; the money from these sales supports the channel.

SUPER THANKS FOR YOUR CHANNEL – HOW TO ACTIVATE You can check to see if Super Thanks and other Super features are available for your channel if you’re a creator wishing to employ a new YouTube feature. For this procedure to function, your channel must be both monetized and situated in one of the YouTubes approved locations regions. Here’s how to make it available on your channel:

On your PC, go to YouTube Studio. Tap or click Monetization in the menu on the left. Find the Supers tab and tap or click it. Start by following the directions if necessary. When that is accomplished, a Super Thanks button ought to appear. Choose it.

Via YouTube

It’s likely that YouTube hasn’t yet launched Super if you don’t see the button or that area. Thank you for the area. Given the current state of affairs, YouTube will probably keep adding areas that are compatible in the upcoming months so that producers can start using the new capabilities.

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