With VPN connectivity and improved video playback, Windows 11 is improving its Android subsystem.

Microsoft is improving Windows 11’s system with a few significant changes for July 2022, making it easier to run Android apps natively on PCs.

Users using Windows 11-powered PCs can download, install, and utilize native Android apps on their desktop and laptop computers by using the Windows Subsystem for Android. For downloads, the functionality has an official partnership with the Amazon Appstore, although it also unofficially functions with sideloaded apps and services.

Microsoft released a fresh upgrade for the Windows 11 Android subsystem this week, with the July update going out first to Insiders. The update is only accessible in the United States and has the version number 2205.40000.14.0. In May, Microsoft revealed plans to expand internationally.

What was updated in July?
Although not a significant update, the most recent one for the Android subsystem does include some niceties.
One of the greatest changes is in networking, where IPv6 and VPNs are now enabled. Microsoft continues by explaining:

We’ve changed networking drastically! Now that advanced networking is available for ARM systems, programs can access local network devices and benefit from this functionality. Additionally, we’ve enabled IPv6 and VPN connectivity, improving the subsystem’s networking capabilities.

The Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app has been updated to take sophisticated networking into account. As the subsystem no longer has a separate IP from your PC, the IP address has been deleted from the Developer part of the Settings app.

Android apps can now instruct Windows to keep the screen awake if a video is playing, preventing your computer from falling to sleep while you’re viewing a movie. This is another welcome improvement. Now, as planned, Android apps that operate in a safe mode also prevent screenshots.

Here is the complete changelog:

Enabled Advanced Networking features, including allowing the Settings app to access ARM VM IP address-removed devices on the local network. The IP address of the virtual machine is now the same as the host or PC IP thanks to advanced networking. Fixes for content in non-resizable apps when maximizing or resizing fixes for trackpad and mouse scrolling in apps Android could kernel updates No longer possible to capture Android windows marked as secure Boost web browser startup For better battery savings, enable doze and app standby while charging. For increased security, ADB debug prompts are now directed to Windows. Chromium WebView 101 update graphics fixes, such as those for app flickering and graphics corruption Fixes for AV1 Codec support during video playback IPv6 and VPN connectivity enabled improved virtual Wi-Fi connection speed and stability in the container Now, Windows programs for video playback may stop the screen from going dark. As previously said, this update is currently only accessible to Windows Insiders, but it should become available to everyone in a few weeks or so.

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