Leaked screenshots of apps show the face of the OnePlus Nord Watch.

Last years OnePlus Watch wasnt much of a success, leaving a lot to be desired in the software department. It looks like OnePlus is in for round two with another wearable branded the Nord Watch, seen in recently leaked screenshots. The OnePlus Watch came out in 2021, with tons of features and an enticing price []

Updates to the audio player and the Material browser are provided by Chrome OS 49.

Chrome 49 was released earlier this month to browsers and Android. Itadded many new APIs and under-the-hood changes for developers, but was mostly lacking new user features. Version 49 for Chrome OS, on the other hand, introduces a Material Design audio player and provides an updated look at what the Material redesign of the browser []

The Jabra Elite 5 earbuds have Google Fast Pair and are designed for ANC.

Its no secret that Jabra has produced some excellent pairs of earbuds in the past, gaining some high praise. Today, Jabra plans to continue that effort with the new Jabra Elite 5. Focused on Hybrid ANC, these new buds have the potential to be the leaders in ANC. ANC is sort of a mixed bag []