What’s new between the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5? Should you upgrade? {Video}

If you own a Galaxy Watch 4, you might be asking what makes the Galaxy Watch 5 different from the other new Wear OS devices that Samsung has released. Here is all the information you require.

After only a year, no one should ever consider upgrading their smartphone, especially one as reliable as the Galaxy Watch 4. Although we would not advise it, it is ultimately your decision. To assist you in making the best choice for you, we aim to give you as much context and explanation of all the subtleties as possible.

Video Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 5 Hardware and specifications Fitness and tracking Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Watch 5: Should you upgrade? Video Comparison of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5

AUTHENTICATION AND SPECIFICATIONS There is no Galaxy Watch 5 Classic this time around. Instead, Samsung has decided to simplify things and offer a basic Galaxy Watch model alongside a Pro version that comes with extras like a bigger, more robust frame. It could be worthwhile to consider the prior generation if you enjoy the actual rotating bezel.

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 are essentially interchangeable from the outside. Really, the only changes are a few minor color adjustments. Strangely, a new microphone cutout has been put in-between the case buttons on the right. The hardware controls have the exact same feel, and the upper button’s red band is still there to improve visibility.

Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 5

In contrast to the Watch 4 series, which got the option later in its life, Samsung’s new Bespoke Studio enables you customize the Galaxy Watch 5 right out of the box. Simply put, this enables you to mix and match items that are already readily available, such as straps, cases, and more. For each model, you are still only able to choose from a set of three case colors with some small tonal variations.

With the exception of battery capacities, almost other internal parameters are the same. The weight of the 40 and 44 mm watches has increased by about 10% as a result, which comes at a price. Although the extra three grams in each Galaxy Watch may not be very visible, the longer longevity may be a key selling point for individuals who were dissatisfied with the Watch 4’s lifespan. With the updated model, a quicker charger is also packaged in the box. With 10W charging speeds now being possible utilizing the magnetic puck, this has long been desperately needed for the Galaxy Watch series.

Lifespan is frequently arbitrary, but the batteries on the 40 mm Galaxy Watch 5 are substantially bigger at 284mAh vs. 247mAh. Unlike the Watch 4, which only has a 361mAh battery, the 44 m Watch 5 has a 410mAh internal cell. Two days of light usage are now more feasible than they were with the prior iterations.

Performance levels stay the same thanks to the Exynos W920 processor and 1.5 GB of RAM’s return. Even when both watches are moving side by side, you won’t notice a difference. For the Galaxy Watch 5, a new Sapphire Crystal display has been incorporated. It’s uncertain how much extra durability you’ll actually notice in the real world, but it should mean more durability.

Smartwatches are an odd cross between a fitness tracker and a smartphone. Although updates are frequently less frequent, support is still crucial. All Wear OS-powered Galaxy watches, including the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5, will receive upgrades from Samsung for up to four years.

It’s unclear exactly what this implies in terms of operating system updates, but it’s possible that the Watch 4 eventually runs Wear OS 7.0. Although we lack a crystal ball, we may assume that security updates and patches will continue to be released for a very long time.

The Galaxy Watch 5 will be supported through and including 2026 because it is an additional year newer. The Watch 4 will stop receiving upgrades somewhere in 2025, based on Samsung’s suggested four-year update schedule. The two are currently using One UI 4.5, which is based on Wear OS 3.5, at this time in 2022. There were no substantial new features added, although there are new watch faces and some speed improvements.

Since its release in late-2021, the Watch 4’s software environment has significantly improved. Along with the Google Assistant, other Material You redesigns of well-known Google programs, including as the Play Store, Messages, Keep Notes, and others, are now accessible. This does imply that the Watch 5 has a slight advantage right out of the box as a year’s worth of upgrades and improvements to Wear OS are readily available.


The BioActive Sensor on the Galaxy Watch 5 has undergone a few minor upgrades from the Watch 4. It makes more direct contact with your skin. More precise readings and, hence, tracking of fitness data should result from this. It’s difficult to be too critical of the Galaxy Watch 4’s health measures because they contribute to providing a somewhat accurate representation of your health data. Although this data isn’t quite as precise as dedicated hardware, it nevertheless provides useful approximations to aid in determining and managing your health.

There is also a new body temperature tracker on this sensor, so that’s not all that’s new. Unfortunately, it isn’t now functional, but Samsung says it will be added in a future update at some point soon. In terms of workout tracking modes, there isn’t much that is brand-new. The new Watch 5 has every mode that was available on the Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung’s board Health and Fitness program crams over 100 workout tracking settings. The Galaxy Watch 5’s experience in 2021 and 2022 is same without the temperature sensor activated, but when that feature is made accessible, more tracking might be possible.

While the Galaxy Watch 5 does offer a few small extras for tracking your sleep, such as Sleep Coaching, a recent update also included the ability to detect snoring without a smartphone nearby. After connecting your Galaxy Watch 4 device to your Android phone utilizing a tethered method, this is now also available on those models.


Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 5

Regarding upgrading: 9to5

Google frequently makes suggestions for particular products. Due to numerous factors, such as increased device cost, insignificant performance increases, or environmental impact, we may occasionally advise against updating. Although the choice to upgrade is always yours, we want to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

No, is the clear-cut response. The Galaxy Watch 5 doesn’t offer any significant upgrades that a Galaxy Watch 4 owner should be concerned about or take into account, unless they want a little longer battery life. The experience, accessories, software, and design are essentially the same.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a significant boost if you’re in the market for one, both in terms of price and lifespan. That is also only a small improvement for $449 . Yes, it has a long lifespan and a sophisticated design, but the performance is the same everywhere.

Although Samsung does not officially sell the Galaxy Watch 4, it is currently available from a number of stores, including Amazon , Best Buy , and others, for a sizable discount. On the other hand, the Watch 5 is available in numerous locations, including Samsung.com , Video Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 5 0, Video Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 5 1, Video Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 5 2, and more.

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