Why you should delete an app’s access to Google Drive and how to do it

It’s likely that you will occasionally run into an app that requests access to Google Drive. Your Google Drive is frequently used by apps as a backup solution, making it simple to store your data. Regrettably, there is a security risk associated with this. This tutorial will show you how to remove access to Google Drive and delete app data.

Why do apps need access to Google Drive? Review and revoke How to revoke access from Google Drive and delete app data WHOSE GOOGLE DRIVE ACCESS DO APPS NEED? As previously indicated, some apps can store your backup data relatively easily if they have access to Google Drive. However, there may be two sides to this. Data backups are useful, but nowadays, storage is essentially equivalent to cash. Google Drive only provides a certain amount of it for free; if you want more, you must pay a monthly charge.

For instance, the Whatsapp app stores your communication history in Google Drive. Although you may not have access to that information for exporting or other uses, it is linked to your Google Account and takes up space in Drive.

ANALYZE AND VOTE Giving apps access to your Google Drive might potentially be problematic in terms of security. Although it is unlikely that the program or its creators will behave maliciously, individuals who have access to that data don’t always adhere to that standard.

It’s a good idea to periodically check which apps have access to your Google Drive. You’ll probably discover a few apps that you don’t even recall using, much less granting access to Google Drive. You have the chance to verify which apps have access and, if required, revoke that access by periodically checking in.

The advantage of doing this is that when access is revoked, the app data stored for those apps is likewise removed. You’re not alone if you’ve ever searched through your Google Drive folders to see what was using so much space only to find that deleting your material had no effect on the amount of storage being used. Removing access from apps may cause a sizable quantity of data to be deleted, which will free up space in your Google Drive.

How to delete app data and revoke access to Google Drive Checking which apps have access to Google Drive is quite simple with Google Drive. Here’s how to erase app data from Google Drive and cancel access:

Go to drive.google.com on Chrome for desktop. Click the settings cog at the top of the main file page after logging in. Select Settings. Then select Manage Apps. Find the app you wish to remove access from by browsing the apps that have access. Select Options. Click Disconnect from Drive when you get there.

On this page, Google Drive will indicate whether or not the app still has access. If not, you must delete the data from your Google Drive because it is still there.

The end! After you complete this procedure, Google Drive will be cleared of the data and the app won’t have access to it again. This is a fantastic tool to monitor security and make sure that apps aren’t given access when you don’t want them to.

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