Today’s Wordle Answer #429

Merit is the solution to today’s Wordle puzzle (#429, August 22, 2022). According to Merriam-Webster , it can refer to a commendable trait or behavior deserving of reward, honor, or regard as a noun or the verb “to be worthy of or entitled or liable to.” It also refers to doing good works or righteous activities in the hope of receiving a recompense from God in the theological setting of various religions.

The word merit comes from Old French, which was derived from the Latin word “meritum,” which means “due reward,” and originally meant “earned award or punishment” in Middle English. The Ancient Greek term “mros,” which denotes a component, part, or piece, and the English word are most likely cognates.

Despite using one of the WordleBot’s preferred opening words—crane—to begin the puzzle today, we were able to complete it in four tries. Today’s starting point, according to WordleBot, was unlucky because there were still 250 additional potential answers. Since we only had five guesses left, this was definitely not consoling. But after attempting the terms Peter and berth, both of which WordleBot liked, we finally settled on merit on our fourth attempt. We hope you need less guesses to figure out the puzzle!


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