What can be done with the Magic Eraser on the Pixel 6 series and how to use it

The Google Pixel 6a, 6 and 6 Pro have amazing Google Photos capabilities including Magic Eraser and Camouflage. Although it isn’t ideal, it can enhance your images by muting or removing distracting background elements. You will learn how to use it from this guide, as well as what might be going wrong if you don’t see it in Google Photos.

WTF IS A MAGIC ERROR? Many of us who loved shooting pictures on our phones but wanted to be able to do some simple photo editing with noticeable results were huge fans of Magic Eraser. Magic Eraser helps you literally remove items from the picture you just took with little to no user effort.

Simply draw a rough outline around the item you wish to remove, or select one that Google Photos on the Pixel 6 suggests. The Pixel 6 will make an effort to replace any objects that you outline with produced backgrounds. The Pixel 6s Tensor chip comes into play in this situation because processing machine learning tasks like Magic Eraser is its main function.

Google Photos offers another distinctive tool in addition to Magic Eraser that was introduced with the Pixel 6a and will also be offered for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The name of that instrument is camouflage. This tool not only sounds intriguing, but it actually employs many of the same techniques Magic Eraser utilizes to modify your image in a distinctive way.

Magic Erasers Camouflage mode aims to conceal content rather than entirely remove it from a photo.

The eyes are pulled to the main object in pictures where there is a distinct subject in the foreground and a defined background. However, occasionally a background-obscuring, vividly colored object appears. You can choose that thing with a bright color and mute it in camouflage mode, which will alter its hue and detract attention from it.

It should be noted that camouflage won’t always produce suggestions. Instead, it frequently restricts its selections to photographs with plainly visible, vivid backgrounds. However, depending on the images you’re taking, this could alter. In our own Ben Schoons experience, the function seems to find suggestions only on very few occasions. In any case, you can manually highlight a photo to mute its colors, though in our testing so far, this has a tendency to be a little more forceful than Google’s suggestions.

With our evaluation of the Pixel 6a, we had the chance to test out this new feature. Overall, the tool performs as it should, however, like Magic Eraser, not every shot comes out perfectly. Apart from that, it’s a fairly cool weapon to have.

MAGIC ERROR USAGE ON PIXEL 6 The simplicity of use that Magic Eraser provides with Google Photos is one of the key reasons it is being known as a terrific tool. Really, you don’t need any skills or experience with photo editing software. Here’s how you can do it:

Open the Google Photos app on your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro. Once there, look for a picture that you want to edit with Magic Eraser. In general, attempt to use Magic Eraser on a picture that has a background person or other barrier that you wish to be entirely removed. Look for the Edit button after tapping that picture. Tap it. Find the Tools area by scrolling through the sections. After tapping it, choose Magic Eraser. When you click Edit, Magic Eraser is frequently one of the suggested tools. Draw a circle around the object you want to eliminate with your finger. If no further editing is required after drawing a line and successfully removing the subject, select Done and then Save as copy.

Magic eraser Pixel 6

Magic Eraser google photos

CAMO MODE APPLICATION ON THE PIXEL 6 SERIES Using the camouflage mode on a Pixel 6 will be simple if you’re familiar with Google Photos Magic Eraser. You can easily select an object or objects in the image and hide them using the same fundamental approach.

Using Google Photos’ camouflage mode is explained here:

On your Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a device launch the Google Photos application. Tap on the image you want to test Camouflage on. Advice: Pick one with a distinct subject and a background that includes a bright object. Click Edit. Go to the Tools tab and pick Magic Eraser. Click on Camouflage. Tap an object that has been highlighted as a suggestion in the image, or draw the object yourself.

Camouflage mode pixel 6

Magic eraser camouflage
Magic eraser camouflage Pixel 6


When you select an object, you’ll see that it is muted right away to fit the overall tone of the picture. To achieve the perfect shot, choose as many things as you want.

Beginning on July 28, this function will be accessible for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The feature is already included in the Pixel 6a , and obtaining a Tensor-powered device that can handle these features is a deal for $449.

MISSING MAGIC ERROR MODES IN GOOGLE PHOTOS Some users complained that Magic Eraser wasn’t available in their version of Google Photos at the time it was introduced. Some were able to resolve this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling a sideloaded copy of Google Photos, while others only required an update.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro won’t have camouflage mode until July 28. You can visit the Google Play Store when it becomes available and check for updates to view the new Camouflage mode in Google Photos. As follows:

Click on your profile image in the Google Play store. Locate Manage apps and devices and touch it. Select the Updates available modifier by tapping Manage. Check to see if there is an update for Google Photos by browsing the list. The update button is typically a circular arrow with a checkbox in it. If so, check the box and tap it. In any case, learning how to use Magic Eraser and Camouflage mode on your Pixel 6 is highly recommended. There are numerous uses for them, even though not every shot you have may benefit from one.

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