The Secret Google Function Every Star Trek Fan Must Know

A closer look at the search engine’s preferences reveals that Klingon, which is the fictional alien race Klingons ‘s official language in the “Star Trek” world, is given as an option. Select “Klingon,” save the adjustment, and start using Google in true Trekker style by going to the Languages tab of Google Search’s settings and expanding the list of languages you can designate across all compatible Google products. A few homepage links in written Klingon, primarily “GoogleDaq ylnej” and “jlSuDrup,” appear when you launch in place of the customary “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons.

But don’t get too excited; it appears that using several Google apps to evaluate the translation’s scope is the extent of it. Even if you enter a search term in written Klingon, the majority of the results returned by Google Search are still in English. The joy of translating is also not available in other popular Google apps like Gmail and Google Maps.

If you’re disappointed and feel shortchanged by this specific Google Easter egg, you can test out several hidden, built-in features in Google Assistant that also pay homage to the popular TV series. Activate the program and say well-known “Star Trek” phrases to hear recognizable sound effects, such as “Beam me up, Scotty,” “Live long and prosper,” and “Set phasers to kill.” You may also say “Tea, earl grey, hot” to hear the proper command confirmation (via Reddit ). If you ask it in various ways if it prefers “Star Trek” to “Star Wars,” you’ll always get a different and entertaining response.


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