The most recent trailer for Final Fantasy 16 offers both gameplay and lore.

Clive Rosefield, the Archduke of Rosaria’s son and the book’s main character, surprises by not being a Dominant. He helps his brother Joshua, who has the ability to channel the Eikon of Phoenix, instead. We also catch a glimpse of the enormous Hugo Kupka, who is projecting the abilities of his Eikon dubbed Titan while being encircled by a glowing yellow aura. Curiously, the character’s appearance seems to be a hybrid of Craig Marduk and Brian Fury from the Tekken fighting games.

The trailer also shows some Dominant vs. Dominant fighting, with both sides using the strength of their respective Eikons. The major plot of “Final Fantasy XVI” will investigate the relationship between the huge baddie, who seems to be an Eikon named Ifrit, and Clive’s personal path. This intriguing combination of political undertones that are full of deceit and mythical conflicts with magical creatures makes the plot something to look forward to.

Although Sephiroth’s character design isn’t featured in the future game, fans of Dante and Virgil’s demon avatars in the most recent “Devil May Cry” game will enjoy watching the Eikons duel. Although “Final Fantasy XVI” is presently aiming for a summer 2023 release, the title is reportedly close to the finished product. The crew has focused entirely on debugging and final modifications, according to director Hiroshi Takai (via PlayStation Blog ).


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