Elon Musk may be preparing to fire the majority of Twitter staff members.

Sensationalist, resentful, and even simply absurd have all been ways to describe Twitter’s legal fight against Musk. But it hasn’t been dull at all. Everything from Musk challenging the CEO of the company to a discussion to jokes saying that the entire legal dispute was actually the billionaire playing 4D chess instead of bots caused Musk to rethink his mind. Additionally, it might ultimately cost Musk billions of dollars.

However, the verdict in the case may not be decided by the judge. The deal will be closed at the amount Musk and Twitter first agreed upon, or $54.20 per share, or roughly $44 billion in total, Musk said earlier this month. Twitter’s board voted to halt legal action and try to close the purchase after originally expressing skepticism. The trial was put on hold until the 28th of October, and the parties have until then to wrap up their affairs without returning to court. It’s possible that another problem may develop and the entire tale will continue to drag out given how many turns there have already been. In the following days, we’ll know for sure, and if you work for Twitter, that may be a very anxious and long wait.


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