The new Fitbit Charge 6 resembles the Charge 5.

It’s strange that a new fitness tracker has emerged while Fitbit has revealed its fall lineup . The Charge 6 is already in development by the Google-owned company, and Fitbit’s upcoming tracker will be visually identical to the current model.

We previously mentioned that Fitbit’s next smartwatches would support Google Wallet just before the Sense 2 and Versa 4 were revealed. We also discovered proof that Google was testing Wallet on a Charge 6 handset as part of that.

The FB424 landed at the FCC on the same day that Fitbit unveiled its trio of new gadgets. The fact that the product has regulatory approval strongly suggests that it will be available in stores. The Charge 5 is clearly comparable despite just having Bluetooth and NFC, as only that model has ever supported on-wrist payments.

The Fitbit Charge 6 is said to be almost identical to the Charge 5, which had an aluminum body with glossy strips on the left and right for ECG readings and primarily had a curved glass surface. Since the Charge 3 and 4 have the same design and support band reusing, this is not very surprising.

Fitbit Charge 6
Fitbit Charge 6

What functionalities need to be upgraded now that the Charge 5 has been revealed for August 2021? The Charge series has recently been promoted as having the same features as Fitbit’s most advanced smartwatch but in a more compact design. For all-day stress management, Fitbit may use the Sense 2’s new Body Response sensor, which measures continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA).

The addition of an altimeter for floor monitoring and elevation would also be good for the Charge 6, and GPS upgrades would be perfect.

The Charge 6’s debut date is one of its more intriguing features. It doesn’t appear that it will debut this year, which means that it will skip the next holiday season. The best time to do this is early next year, perhaps during CES. However, given that it has already been approved by the FCC, the Charge 5 sales may be negatively impacted as we approach the busiest shopping season.

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