The list of Google apps receiving an Android tablet user interface is available here {U: Widgets}.

In order to demonstrate its commitment to the form factor, Google said at I/O 2022 that it would upgrade more than 20 of its first-party apps for huge displays. Existing owners will surely like this more, and it is hoped that additional developers will follow suit. Here is a list of every Google app for Android that has received a tablet update and what is still in the works.

Google Tablet Applications UIS Reverse Chronological Order, Top-Newest Updates THE DRIVE AND KEEP WIDGETS OF GOOGLE Given the extra screen space available, Google is enlarging widgets to make them more suitable for Android tablets. Drive (with version) extends the Drive quick actions widget with a row of shortcuts for creating new Docs, Sheets, or Slides documents. Another noteworthy aspect of this homescreen item is the introduction of a brand-new circular structure.

In contrast, the Note List widget for Google Keep (5.22.342.03.90) replaces the right sidebar in small installations with a false bottom bar. You may view more notes and it matches the Gmail widget. By enlarging the width, you can still get the previous layout, nevertheless.

Update for Google TV on 8/28: Google TV was one of the applications that would be redesigned at I/O. The Material You stylings seen on stage are not included in the tablet-optimized version that is now available. The bottom bar has been replaced by a navigation rail with centered tabs. On a Chromebook, we are observing this new appearance with version, which has not yet been widely disseminated out.

In May, Google’s presentations showed a broader rail with oblong indicators to show which tab was currently open. The app bar will be redesigned in the Material You iteration to make it more seamless. When using top tabs on the Your things page, the current layout is problematic.

SLIDES, DOCS, SHEETS, AND GOOGLE DRIVE Revised 8/3: Google revealed last week that Drive and Docs/Sheets/Slides would be optimized for tablets. The following features, among others, have already been made available:



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