On August 2, Motorola will introduce the Razr 3 and Moto X30.

We went without Motorola flagship phones for a while, which didn’t sit well with brand devotees. We’ve been keeping an eye on rumors for some more intriguing phones even though we already had the Moto Edge earlier this year. Motorola has just announced that these phones will go on sale in August.

These phones are the Moto X30 Pro and the Razr 2022. The latter is the brand’s next foldable phone. The latter is the anticipated next flagship phone, and it will feature some incredible specifications.

These phones will be released by Motorola on August 2nd. Samsung Season is already drawing near as the company’s upcoming Unpacked event is only a few weeks away. On August 10, just over a week after Motorola’s presentation, it is scheduled. Therefore, Motorola may deprive Samsung of part of its momentum.

Advertisement While some people snicker when Motorola is compared to Samsung, it is important to remember that Motorola is the third-highest selling smartphone brand worldwide. While the majority of the other firms possess much less, it owns roughly 10%. This business should not be taken lightly.

THE RAZR 2022 IS UP NOW. Because the firm is returning to the foldable market after not updating its Razr 2 last year, this is a really interesting product. Actually, Motorola hasn’t released any flagships in a while.

It is anticipated that the Razr 2022 will be a radical departure from the Razr 2. The exterior display will be a little bit larger, and the shape will be somewhat different. The inside display is anticipated to be fairly large, measuring 6.7 inches.

Advertisement People’s one and only complaint about the phone is that its battery will be somewhat smaller than that of the Razr 2. A 2800mAh battery is anticipated to be included with the Razr 2022. That is a massive letdown considering the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will feature a 3700mAh battery that is 32% bigger.

THE MOTO X30 PRO IS UP NEXT. Even if the upcoming phone won’t be foldable, it’s still intriguing. The camera is the key justification for this. The new Samsung ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor is going to be used in the Moto X30 Pro. The fact that this camera has 200MP makes it noteworthy. The Motorola X30 Pro will thus be the first smartphone with a 200MP camera.

Even though each image has a large number of pixels, the images will be reduced in resolution. According to rumors, the images will be reduced to 50MP and 12MP.

Advertisement In addition, it has a 5.8 mAh battery, a 6.67-inch display, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. There is much to get excited about with these phones.


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