Netflix just deleted its Twitter account.

Following 13 years of operation, Netflix is terminating its customer support Twitter account. In that time, it has assisted consumers all over the world with over 907K tweets.

On June 30, 2022, Netflix actually stopped using the account. The most recent tweet came from them on June 29, as you can see from their account. Given how beneficial Twitter is as a tool for customer service and how almost every business uses it, it is perplexing why Netflix ceased doing so. Not to mention that it has been active for 13 years and has more than 207K followers.

Customers of Netflix will still be able to contact customer service through phone (depending on the country) or online chat, which is accessible in the Android, iOS, and website apps as well as on the website.

Advertisement THIS IS UNRELATED TO RECENT CUTBACKS. Although it might sound correct, this action is not, according to reports, related to recent budget cuts. Recently, Netflix has been trying to trim some unnecessary expenses. They are losing clients, losing slightly fewer than a million members over the last three months. And a little over a million just in 2022.

Netflix has received a lot of press recently. also for a variety of reasons. To assist recoup some of the costs associated with the numerous Originals they have commissioned, Netflix is considering to develop an advertising-based tier for its service. Additionally, they want to stop password sharing, which is said to cost the corporation billions of dollars annually. In order to stream these movies with advertisements, Netflix will need to modify some of its license agreements with studios as part of these new adjustments because their current arrangements forbid it.

For Netflix, the road is already rough and is probably going to get even rougher.


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