Indian meteorologist Anna Mani is recognized with a Google Doodle

The most recent Google Doodle honors Anna Mani, a meteorologist whose work helped establish weather forecasting in India.

Anna Mani was born on August 23, 1918, in Peermade, Kerala, India, therefore today would have been her 104th birthday. Mani defied conventional gender boundaries and immersed herself in books, reading nearly all of them by the time she was 12 years old.

Anna Mani’s thirst for knowledge propelled her through high school and to graduation from Presidency College, Madras. Following this, Manis post-graduate research first concentrated on spectroscopy—the study of colors, light spectrums, and waves—especially as it applied to rubies and diamonds. Anna Mani was rejected for a Ph.D. despite writing five papers and finishing a dissertation because she lacked a master’s in physics.

Anna Mani relocated to England in 1945 to attend Imperial College in London. Despite her initial plans to continue studying physics, Mani found herself learning a lot about meteorology and the specialized equipment required to study and predict the weather.

By working for the India Meteorological Department in 1948, Anna Mani returned to India with her newfound knowledge. She oversaw the initiative to standardize and streamline the designs of more than 100 different tools and instruments used in weather analysis at that location. Instead of importing from England, Manis new designs were employed to assist India in producing its own meteorological tools.

By 1953, Anna Mani had surpassed her male coworkers to take the position of division head. She later progressed to the position of deputy director general of the India Meteorological Department. Manis’ interests grew during the decade to encompass alternative energy, particularly the production of wind and solar electricity. She also created a technique to gauge the ozone concentration in the air in connection with her research.

Anna Mani didn’t stop believing in the sciences once she retired in 1976. She received the Indian government’s K. R. Ramanathan Medal award in 1987 in appreciation of her efforts. The death of Anna Mani occurred on August 16, 2001.

Google is celebrating Anna Manis 104th birthday with a site Doodle in honor of her numerous contributions to science, particularly the study of weather in India. Ingeniously structured to resemble the standard Google logo, the doodle’s artwork comprises of five circular vignettes depicting Manis’ life and work, as well as the scientist herself clad in green.

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