Bandwidth: Immortals Fenyx Rising added to Xbox, 1440p browser gameplay added to GeForce

The level of competition in cloud gaming is increasing, and that is by no means a bad thing. Services like Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now are pushed by competition to improve upon what they already provide. GeForce Now stated last week that in-browser gameplay would be improved with 1440p resolution and faster framerates. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass has revealed the newest cloud games that will be available to you.

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GeForce has added 1440p in-browser play. One of our top recommendations for cloud gaming has always been Now; you can enjoy amazing gameplay without spending hundreds or thousands on equipment. You simply have to pay for the actual games and a current subscription.

On Android, PC, Chromebooks, or iOS, playing through GeForce Now’s native apps has always provided the greatest experience. Through an Nvidia SHIELD with Android TV , you might get one of the best gaming experiences.

GeForce has improved support this week for gamers who prefer to play in their own browser. Users of GeForce Now may now enjoy cloud gaming through browsers with up to 1440p quality and 120 frames per second, which was previously unheard of. According to Nvidia, this new functionality may be used to play on in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. You will need to manually enable these new improvements in the settings.

Additionally, this week, GeForce Now is releasing these fresh titles in the cloud:

Thymesia (New release on Steam ) Age of Ashes: Clanfolk ( Steam ) Age of Ashes: Coromon ( Steam ) ( Steam ) Unboxed, HYPERCHARGE ( Steam ) Point Phoenix ( Epic Games Store ) NEWEST GAME PASS TITLES ARE RELEASED BY XBOX What is turning out to be one of the best game streaming services available is still being developed by Xbox. Numerous entertaining games are available for play on PC and in the cloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Essentially, you are free to take your library anywhere you like and still choose to use a powerful PC if you so desire.

Xbox is revealing a few additional games for release over the rest of August to add to its enormous list of games. Coffee Talk is the first title on the list and is now playable on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Coffee Talk is a special simulator that mixes laid-back ambiance and intimate chats with inhabitants of alternative Seattle.

Serve out a warm drink or two for everyone you encounter, whether they are an alien seeking to comprehend human life or an elf and succubus having a passionate love affair.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a massive upcoming game in which you take on the role of Fenyx and set out on a mission to save the Greek gods. On August 30, this game will be available on Game Pass.

Additionally, Xbox is offering the following games this month:

Midnight Fight Express August 23 August 30th, Commando 3 Life after death 30 August IT SEEMS LIKE NETFLIX IS WORKING ON CLOUD GAMING Last year, there were rumors that Netflix might enter the cloud gaming market, but the business decided to focus on mobile gaming due to its extensive customer base. It appears that Netflix is now assembling a team of engineers and staff to develop a new cloud gaming service.

Netflix is trying to fill a few positions, according to a few fresh job posts from the business. One person that Netflix needs to manage support for the new cloud-based service is a renderer engineer. An employee is also required for the post of security product manager. They will deal with customer demands, threat vectors, and gaming issues.

If everything goes according to plan, Netflix may soon launch a full-fledged cloud gaming service. The specifics, such as how the service will be implemented and if it will be considered an addition to the already-existing media streaming category, are unknown to us. We do know that the cloud gaming market is gaining more and more attention, which ought to result in even greater performance in the years to come, similar to GeForce Now’s in-browser upgrade to 1440p and other advancements.

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