Google’s “At a Glance” Alternative Is Another Widget App

The software could be useful if you like the idea behind Google’s At a Glance widget but would prefer greater control over how it appears and functions. With more options, this app is similar to the At a Glance widget.

GOOGLES AT A GLANCE HAS A GREAT COMPETITION IN THE FORM OF ANOTHER WIDGET APP. Another Widget, in contrast to At a Glance, gives you the option to select from multiple looks. This widget can have a very similar appearance to At a Glance, or you can enlarge it and include the time.

You may actually select the text’s font, size, and color, as well as the space between widgets and a few other details. If you decide to include a clock, you can even customize its size, color, and time zone settings.

Advertisement This widget can display the weather and your calendar schedule, but it is unable to retrieve reminders. We assume the developer wanted to do that but couldn’t because he says it’s not permitted.

When you go to set up Another Widget, the software itself looks extremely beautiful. It’s straightforward, and the settings are everything. By the way, it does support both bright and dark settings. Although you won’t spend much time there, it is important to note.

IT PROVIDES WAY MORE OPTIONS FOR CUSTOMIZATION You now have it. If you don’t like the design of Google’s At a Glance, you might want to utilize this app as your main resource. You have a lot more customizing possibilities with this app. What you see is what you get with At a Glance.

Advertisement There are, of course, drawbacks in this. Some other At a Glance capabilities, which are primarily Pixel-specific, are not supported by another widget. When your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds are connected, it cannot display information about the battery life of such devices, nor can it indicate whether your flashlight is on, for example.

So, while this widget is a really wonderful alternative for you if you’re seeking to switch things up, it’s not necessarily superior than At a Glance.


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