Five profiles for your account may be allowed on Facebook.

A Facebook account has always been linked to a single profile. Since you are ONE person, it makes sense. People frequently create several accounts, though. Facebook is exploring the possibility to create up to five profiles for each account, thus the business wants to create a substitute for this.

Everyone has pals that have many Facebook accounts. There may be several causes for this. However, the reality remains that if you create a new account, you must select a new email address, create a new password, and let your previous account wander aimlessly around the servers of Metas.

Facebook, however, may permit you to have up to five profiles per account. In an unexpected turn of events, it appears that Facebook might seek to alter this. The corporation has only permitted one profile per account for the past 18 years. However, a spokeswoman for Meta reportedly told Bloomberg (via Engadget ) that Facebook is changing some aspects of how users interact with the site.

Advertisement We’re developing a feature that allows users to link several profiles to a single Facebook account in order to enable people to customize their experience depending on relationships and interests.

Therefore, each account may allow users to create up to five unique accounts. It resembles setting up many profiles for a provider like Netflix very much. Each account will be unique in terms of name, information, suggestions, etc. It will undoubtedly give users of the platform access to more uses.

To begin with, it’s not unusual for people to maintain separate accounts for their personal and professional lives. You may easily create a profile for each one if Facebook implements this capability.

Advertisement UNFORTUNATELY, THERE COULD BE A BAD SIDE. It is convenient for the user to have a single account with several profiles, but it is also convenient for hackers. Your related profiles on the app and the web will be under the control of anyone obtains your account details. This implies that both your personal and commercial accounts will be under their control. Before creating several accounts, that is one thing to consider.

As of yet, neither the number of subjects the corporation is testing this on nor the participating nations are known. Additionally, we don’t know whether or when Facebook intends to extend the test to more users.


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