Features of One UI 5.0 were leaked before Samsung opened the public beta.

The following version of Samsung’s specialized Android software is currently under development. One UI 5.0, which is based on Android 13, is presently being evaluated internally. Samsung is reported to start open beta testing later this month. However, Max Weinbach of 9to5Google has access to a leaked in-development build of One UI 5.0 before it is made available to the general public. Here are a few of the significant updates and novel features he saw.

NEW FEATURES AND CHANGES IN ONE UI 5.0 First, One UI 5.0 makes a few modest adjustments to the notification panel. Notifications have larger app icons and what looks like bolder lettering overall. Buttons for the quick settings are a little bit more compact. The opacity of the backdrop has slightly changed.

In other places, Samsung has switched out the default look that Google includes with Android 13 for the dialog box that shows when an app requests specific rights. The corporation would have fewer items to tweak over default Android, which might aid in quicker releases. However, as the latest report points out, it’s also possible that this version of One UI 5.0 hasn’t yet added the custom permission dialog box. After all, Samsung has a reputation for heavily customizing Android.


Samsung One UI 4 notifications
Samsung One UI 5 notifications
Samsung One UI 4 permissions dialog
Samsung One UI 5 permissions dialog

Accordingly, the business is integrating OCR (Optical Character Recognition) into the Gallery app. If text is present in an image, you can extract it and copy it to the clipboard. The device identifies the text automatically and displays a button to swiftly pull it out. In the past, you needed Bixby Vision to complete this. You can copy text from the camera viewfinder and paste it on a message or email you’re typing using Samsung Keyboard’s OCR feature.

One UI 5.0 will now have a Samsung-exclusive Security and Privacy Hub. It functions similarly to Android 13’s Google version. Here, you can access all of your accounts, passwords, and privacy and security settings. These functions were already present in One UI 4.0, but the current version has been simplified a little by the firm.

Samsung One UI 5 OCR 1
Samsung One UI 5 OCR 2
Samsung One UI 5 security privacy hub

NEW GESTURES, WORKING WITH SAMSUNG NOTES, AND MORE Additionally, One UI 5.0 adds a few additional gestures. You can gain gesture support for split-screen and pop-up views through the Labs section. Although they aren’t usable in this build, Samsung may make the motions usable before the public beta is made available.

Advertisement The Korean company is also enhancing Samsung Notes to support teamwork. Up to 100 people can write, modify, and share a message. All participants will immediately notice any changes. The UWB (ultra-wideband) toggle in settings and the currently open app in quick settings are additional highlights. Also included in the package are enhanced animations.

As previously stated, these One UI 5.0 additions and modifications were discovered in an unofficial release that isn’t accessible to the general public. The final build might include some changes. Within the coming week, One UI 5.0 public beta testing is anticipated to start. If and when the rollout starts, we’ll let you know.


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