Gaming earbuds from Logitech that adapt to your ear and have less latency than Bluetooth

The gaming earphones from Logitech are designed to adapt to the contour of your ear and also provide a non-Bluetooth connection for reduced latency.

Although Bluetooth has largely taken over as the industry standard for wireless audio these days, there are still some fundamental issues that need to be resolved. While certain apps, for instance, automatically delay the video to ensure that it syncs with your headphones, it is all too typical for a game’s fast-paced action to lose sync with Bluetooth audio. This problem may be more noticeable for cloud gamers because there is an even longer lag between hitting a button and hearing the sound.

Logitech is releasing a new pair of wireless earbuds to address all of these issues. The Logitech G Fits come with a unique Lightspeed dongle that connects through USB-A or with a supplied USB A-to-C adapter and should deliver improved audio quality and lower latency. Most devices should be compatible with the Lightspeed dongle, including Android gadgets like the brand-new Logitech G Cloud portable.

You may use the Logitech G Fits with game consoles like the PlayStation 5 that don’t typically support Bluetooth audio by connecting via Lightspeed. Of course, the G Fits may also connect over Bluetooth to almost any device if you don’t need the complete gaming experience. Although Lightspeed is still your best option for gaming, you should be able to access a lower latency game setting when using Bluetooth.

The Logitech G Fits were developed in collaboration with Logitech’s Ultimate Ears, bringing that division’s cutting-edge light molding technology. This is what really sets them different from most other earbuds on the market. Once the G Fits are snugly in your ear, pressing a button will enable lights to flash inside the earbuds, causing the gel tips to harden and mold to the shape of your ear canal.

The Logitech G Fits are made to physically exclude as much external noise as possible from entering your ear, in contrast to typical earbuds that offer noise cancellation by generating a sort of anti noise to cancel out the sound waves. Of course, since they are gaming earphones, the lights used to cause the gel to harden also create a pleasing visual appearance.

The Logitech G Fits should have a battery life of about 10 hours on a single charge and an additional 12 hours when using Bluetooth, according to the typical specifications for wireless earbuds. When using Lightspeed, that amount decreases to 7 hours of listening plus 8 hours. The 10mm speakers in the earbuds, according to Logitech, deliver a full, warm, clear sound with deep, powerful bass. They also have twin beamforming microphones for vocal clarity in each bud.

When they go on sale in North America the following month, the Logitech G Fits will be available in two colors—black and white—and cost $229.
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