Do Not Disturb has been renamed to “Priority mode” in Android 13 DP2. {Update: Backtracked}

In the second Android 13 preview, Google has chosen to rebrand Android’s traditional Do Not Disturb setting to Priority mode.
Update: Google currently appears to be undoing this modification.

Do Not Disturb on Android and Pixel phones has long provided a practical option to turn off the numerous alerts that are received during the day. Notably, though, one of Do Not Disturb’s best qualities is that you can choose to have alarms, as well as particular persons and apps, override it. In contrast, turning your phone to silent will prevent all notifications from being annoying while you aren’t using it.

Android 13 Developer Preview 2 refers to Do Not Disturb mode as Priority mode to more accurately reflect its actual usage. In terms of functionality, Android 13’s Priority mode and Android 12L’s Do Not Disturb modes are identical. The Quick Settings tile and the feature subheadings in the Settings app are the only places on the Android system where there are variances in language.

What could impede Do Not Disturb?
Before (Android 12L)
Notifications that you may get
After (Android 13 DP2)

Update 4/26: Google appears to have reversed the Priority mode change with the release of Beta 1 just over a month after renaming Do Not Disturb in the Android 13 Developer Preview. It was perhaps too simple to change things back because the only thing that had changed was the feature’s name, not its functionality or intent.

The move from Do Not Disturb to Priority mode may just occur in a future year’s Android version, or it’s likely that Google has opted against this specific renaming altogether.

The only other change to the Priority mode settings page is that Schedules, which formerly had its own category, is now located under Advanced.

Android 13 Priority mode settings

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