For the third year in a running, the Galaxy S23 is expected to maintain the same design, with a flatter screen for Ultra

Now that its new foldables are available, Samsung’s schedule includes the Galaxy S23 series as its following significant release. One source claims that the Galaxy S23 won’t undergo a significant design upgrade over the previous model year, but the Ultra might.

The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 will resemble the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 quite a bit, claims to Ice Universe . According to the description, the design and the engine’s specifications are fairly comparable.

According to this speculation, the battery, display, and even the camera sensors won’t change from the previous model. According to reports, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip in the processor will be the only significant update.

Notably, this would be Samsung’s third consecutive year of using the same basic design and specification list. The Galaxy S22 series improved upon the new design that the Galaxy S21 series had launched for Samsung’s flagship line while also adding a sizable camera boost to the whole package. But it would probably be a little boring if the Galaxy S23 series really only changes the chip.

Samsung’s focus in the high-end market, though, is obviously elsewhere. The Galaxy S22 Ultra was far more popular than the ordinary S22 and S22, and the firm has high expectations for foldables in the future. It was the one and only most popular Android phone in Q2 of this year.

Speaking of, Ice also claims claims that Samsung will alter the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s design in at least one way. It appears that the device’s frame will enlarge, which will lessen the curve of the display.

Over the previous few years, Samsung has vacillated on curved displays, with some devices fully embracing the trend and others resolutely avoiding it. The Galaxy S22 completely did away with the curve, although the S22 Ultra still featured a discernible curvature on each side.

Google’s 9TO5 I can usually appreciate flatter screens, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra should really adopt this, in my opinion. I’ve never been a fan of the curved screens that Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup has adopted in recent generations, especially when combined with the S Pen. The S22 Ultra from last year was comparable, as I noted in our review:

The S Pen is physically harder to use around the sides of the display because of the curved glass edges because it can easily slip down the side if you come too close to them. Although I’ve always questioned the use of curved edges on a gadget intended for pen-and-paper handwriting, at this point it’s plain absurd.

I’ll be thrilled to see it if the Galaxy S23 Ultra finally strays from this design tenet.
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