For some users, FedEx’s Android app incorrectly displays the notification “Cash on Delivery Due.”

Don’t panic; despite what the FedEx app for Android may make you believe, you most likely owe the delivery guy nothing. The FedEx app asks certain users to pay cash on delivery in a message that appears above tracking pages.

You’ve probably ordered a lot of packages that have been delivered by FedEx. Furthermore, it’s possible that you’ve never had to hand cash to the delivery person when they come to leave the package. This is especially true if you made your purchase from an online site that demands full payment up front.

For some packages, some users on Reddit have reported are encountering an odd statement at the top of their monitoring page. Cash on Delivery Due is the notice that appears at the top of the FedEx app. Cash on Delivery (COD) denotes the situation where payment is required at the time of delivery. This may be the situation if the shipment was not fully paid for or if you owe taxes on an international delivery.

Ben Schoon and I from the 9to5Google team have both observed a similar warning on inbound packages in the FedEx app for Android, both of which have already been fully paid for. However, Max hasn’t noticed the alert in his FedEx app. In fact, a few customers who commented on the Reddit article pointing out this inaccuracy said they had previously paid for the item in full from reliable websites. In light of this, there is a very high likelihood that this is just a FedEx app bug.

FedEx Cash on Delivery Due

You can tap Details next to the tracking number and current position of an active package in the app by going to that package’s page. The message may be seen at the top of that page. This does not imply that you will be required to pay at the time of delivery. It also doesn’t indicate that you don’t, but FedEx is probably aware of a fault in the program, so that doesn’t mean you don’t.

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