1440p streaming through your browser is now supported by GeForce Now, but not on ChromeOS.

Because you can access cloud gaming more and more with just a browser, it’s a great method to get high-quality games without pricey hardware. The functionality for 1440p streaming through your browser is now available with Nvidia GeForce Now, but there is a small caveat.

The browser client for GeForce Now, which is now available, can stream video games at up to 1440p at 120 frames per second. This is an improvement above the previous 1080p, 60fps cap. Nvidia promotes the option as a simple method to play PC games on campus once classes resume while utilizing the frequently underpowered PCs already present in the classroom.

Naturally, in order to access this feature, GeForce Now subscribers must be enrolled in the premium RTX 3080 tier of the platform, which enables higher graphics, lower latency, and 4K gameplay. Additionally, it has a price tag of almost $200 per year.

This move also has another restriction, if you already own the RTX 3080 grade. It is currently only accessible on Windows using the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers. Chromebooks and macOS devices are not supported, and 1080p through the browser is still the highest resolution available. Up to 4K gaming on Macs is possible, but only with a native program.

The GeForce Now web client’s settings, as shown below, can allow 1440p streaming.

geforce now 1440p browser settings

Six additional titles will be added to the service this week, according to Nvidia.

Thymesia (New release on Steam , August 18) Age of Ashes: Clanfolk ( Steam ) Age of Ashes: Coromon ( Steam ) ( Steam ) Unboxed, HYPERCHARGE ( Steam ) Point Phoenix ( Epic Games Store ) Keep an eye out for our weekly overview of everything related to cloud gaming in our Bandwidth and Stadia Changelog sections, which are published every Friday.

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