The Duo of Plastic Surfaces Was Found on eBay

The Microsoft Duo is not cheap by any means. Microsoft had intended to release a less expensive version of the gadgets, but the concept was scrapped. We can see what the Surface Duo looked like thanks to this plastic version that recently appeared on eBay.

Numerous software flaws on the Surface Duo adversely affected the user experience as a whole. The fact that some of those problems were duplicated in the Surface Duo 2 made matters worse. This caused the over-$1,000 price tags on the devices to seem a little optimistic.

However, it was revealed that the business intended to release a less expensive model of the Surface Duo with a plastic design and weaker specifications. Since then, that device has been abandoned.

Advertisement A listing on eBay revealed THE PLASTIC SURFACE DUO. Although the mid-range Surface Duo was never made available, we were able to see how it appeared. The mid-range Surface Duo was depicted in all its plastic splendor in a since-deleted eBay sale, according to Windows Central .

The Surface Duos’ general shape isn’t all that different from the standard Surface Duos. It still unfolds to reveal two displays and still has a rounded rectangular shape. The camera hump is the primary visible difference between the plastic and metal versions.

The camera modules on the Surface Duo and its sequel protrude outward from the phone’s body. In the case of the plastic version, the camera package slopes gently upward from the body. This is very similar to what Oppo has been doing with their most recent phones.

Advertisement The upper-midrange Snapdragon SoC and other modest specifications were going to be found in this gadget. Therefore, it would have served more as an introduction to the foldable phone world.

We don’t know how the price was going to develop because the ad was removed, but a screenshot shows that it was able to reach $380. Undoubtedly, the cost would have increased significantly, especially given that this is a development unit.

Even if we don’t have a new Surface Duo to anticipate, we do know that Microsoft is striving to improve the ones that are already available. With the tablet enhancements included in Android 12L and Android 13, these phones should perform better.


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