Older phones can now use the Pixel 6’s more informative battery graph thanks to Android 13.

Older Google phones now have access to the (slightly) more detailed battery graph that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro introduced.

The older graph only shows app usage for the previous 24 hours, whereas the current one lets you tap a two-hour increment to observe usage for that time period. That granularity is helpful when tracking down an incorrect app.

Additionally, there is a modest visual adjustment to the graph design with no overarching line and a stronger emphasis on Dynamic Color theming.
System utilization at the bottom is by default concealed, but you can tap the graph again to return to the full day view.

Many customers, if not all of them, still find it annoying that the graph only shows the latest 24 hours and not the last charge or a whole cycle. Hopefully, Google will include this in a later Android release.

Since the Android 13 Beta for earlier Pixel (4-5a) phones, this more thorough battery graph has been available, and with the stable version, it is now more widely available. Despite the criticism, it is still a little bit better and more thorough than the previous one.

L: Android 12 I R: Android 13

Android 13 battery graph
Android 13 battery graph

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