Xiaomi’s 12S Series might never go global.

Xiaomi spoke extensively yesterday during its event. It unveiled three new high-end smartphones, with the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, a device with a 1-inch camera sensor and Leica optics, serving as the flagship model. Everyone believed that the Xiaomi 12S series will eventually go global, but recent information suggests that may not be the case at all.

Unluckily, THE XIAOMI 12S SERIES MAY NOT BE RELEASED IN THE WORLD AT ALL. This information comes from Richard Lai from Engadget. On Twitter, he posted a quotation from Xiaomi. The business announced: Xiaomi will only sell the Xiaomi 12S Series in Mainland China. It also added: Our Strategic Partnership in Imaging Technology will have long-term effects on Xiaomi’s worldwide markets in addition to this series.

This indicates that none of the series’ phones will reach international markets, which is quite unfortunate. Particularly the Xiaomi 12S Ultra features an impressive camera arrangement and hence camera prospects.

Advertisement The Sony IMX989, a 1-inch camera sensor, was crammed inside the phone by Xiaomi. That is the first 1-inch camera sensor designed particularly for smartphones in the entire globe. Leica’s camera tuning, along with the brand’s lenses, photographic techniques, and filters, are all included in the package.

It’s incredibly frustrating that, assuming this information is genuine, we won’t be able to use that camera configuration globally because, based on what we’ve seen so far, it can really take some amazing pictures.

Global consumers might need to wait till the release of the Xiaomi 13 to get a 1-inch camera sensor and Leica combo. This basically indicates that all of those benefits may not be available to global consumers until the Xiaomi 13 series. Though Xiaomi did host the event in China, the business dubbed it in English so that everyone could follow along, which is a little strange. Maybe they didn’t care whether they were leaving China; they simply wanted everyone to know what they said. In light of the fact that this was a very significant statement, that makes some sense as well.

Advertisement Announcing the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, the Xiaomi 12S, and the Xiaomi 12S Pro were also done. One of the devices the business showcased was the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro. That fitness tracker, which is a cross between a smart band and a smartwatch, also has a lot to offer.


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