Update for the New Nothing Phone 1 brings UI and charging improvements, among other things.

For its very first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1), Nothing is releasing an new update . This time, the business has improved the user interface and billing. We are obviously referring to Nothing OS (1) when we say that the version we are looking at here is 1.1.2.

NEW NOTHING PHONE (1), AMONG OTHER THINGS, IMPROVES THE UI AND CHARGING Let’s examine what’s new as no changelog for this version was published. The manufacturer has included a toggle for the fingerprint icon to be shown even when the screen is off.

Please be aware that with this update, the always-on display will by default be switched off at night. Of course, you can still manually alter this to stop it from occuring.

Advertisement The efficiency of charging has also increased, and third-party charger compatibility has also increased. Additionally, Nothing fixed the Bluetooth codec problem.

The company improved the device’s user interface (UI) by cleaning it up even more and fixing several problems. The changelog’s final entry indicates overall stability and bug corrections.

THIS UPDATE ONLY WEIGHS 38MB If you’re curious, this update is presently going out OTA and weights 38.28MB (Over-The-Air). As you can see, it’s not exactly a huge update but it does contain a lot of improvements.

Advertisement Due to the phased deployment, not every phone will receive the update immediately. So, while we anticipated a generally quick deployment, you might have to wait a few days.

After that, Nothing still has work to do. Both the audio quality and problems with face unlock are being reported by some customers. These two do stand out more than a few other small grievances.

However, nothing has been improving the phone since its release, and many problems have already been resolved. It will be interesting to observe how quickly they respond to these two as well. There’s a good chance that future upgrades will continue.


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