Wordle Answer #485 for today’s prompt – October 17, 2022 Solution and Help

Stein is the solution to today’s Wordle problem (#485 — October 17, 2022). The word is a moniker for a “stone,” “pip,” or “kernel” that has German, Yiddish, and Norwegian roots. The word comes from the German word “stein,” which is a shortened version of the phrase “steinkrug,” which means stone jug (via Etymonline ). Along with being the surname of a well-known American author, poet, and Ernest Hemingway’s contemporary, Gertrude Stein was also noted for her vast art collection and modernist works; of her 47 paintings, 38 were by Pablo Picasso, in case you were curious (via Biography.com ).

The challenge was solved by WordleBot and us today after four tries. Although WordleBot had the advantage because it used the starter word slate, which contains three of the solution’s five letters, our initial estimate was the word blush. After guessing the word gaze, we discovered more insightful data. Steep was our third guess, and stein was our fortunate fourth. After completing the task, you may check out these additional Wordle fan-friendly puzzle games.


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