With some significant improvements, the Bluetooth LE Audio standard is now complete and ready for Android 13.

Consumers have received some amazing wireless headphones over the years. Imagine if they could be substantially better and more effective than they already are. The Bluetooth LE Audio milestone, which has already entered our lives, means that you can stop imagining about it.

More than anything else, Bluetooth LE Audio is a collection of several recent developments rather than simply one function. A few of these improvements include the capacity to connect many devices to a single audio source as well as improved power efficiency and audio quality.

These new functionalities might have been available to us in 2020, but naturally, unanticipated events prevented that from happening. Now, Bluetooth LE Audio and all of its components have been finished, according to the Bluetooth SIG. The committee observes that in the upcoming months, devices meeting these new criteria will probably be under development.

The increased effectiveness of Bluetooth LE Audio is a key feature. According to The Verge , the LC3 codec, a significant player, is made to convey audio to a device considerably more effectively.

This may be relevant in two different ways. You could either maintain the same bit rate and significantly improve audio quality, or you could have a somewhat improved sound with around half the bit rate required in comparison to before. Using half the bit rate reduces power consumption and increases the lifespan of the gadget in operation.

The Bluetooth SIG refers to this function as Auracast , which is another important Bluetooth LE Audio feature. With the help of the tool Auracast, users can connect numerous audio devices to a single source device. For instance, Auracast allows several people to listen to the same music or audio on various earbuds, headphones, or even hearing aids at the same time with only one phone. The way users now connect to a Wi-Fi network will be quite similar to how these Auaracast broadcasts operate.

Bluetooth LE Audio Auracast
Example of Auracast in use

Bluetooth LE Audio is already being supported in the latest Android 13 Beta. In fact, Android 13 Beta 2 introduced Bluetooth LE Audio. This is a significant step for Android 13, even though it is still in its early phases. While current-generation devices might not be able to fully take advantage of the new Bluetooth codec and features, smartphones running Android 13 out of the box will probably have hardware that can.

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