{U: Fix} Pixel and Samsung Google Play system updates delete the “Check for Update” button

The Check for update option is no longer present on Android devices after this week’s announcement of the newest Google Play system upgrade for August 2022. Both Pixel and Samsung are seeing this, although it’s unclear whether this is a defect or an intended shift in behavior.

Update 8/23: A new version of the Play Store has been released that resolves the problem that prevents users from checking for Google Play system updates. The problematic version at the moment is 31.9.13.

Although the August Google Play system update has not yet been broadly deployed, updating to Google Play Store 31.9.20 (h/t Mishaal Rahman ) or 32.0.20 would restore the Check for update page. Any of the APKs on the list will function, and Google should automatically complete pushing out the patch over the next several days.

Original 8/20: On Pixel phones, you’ve long had access to a screen that, for the most part, notes how up to date your device is, the Last checked for update time, the current Android version, and the date of the Google Play system update. To access this screen, open Settings app andgt; Security (Hub), then tap Google Play system update. Check for update can be found in the bottom right corner.

The only information you can see right now is the date from the previous screen because this page has been deleted. Reports of this removal began in earlier this week , but they are already in becoming and widespread . The button was accessible up until today in our case on a Pixel 6a running Android 13. Meanwhile, we learned that Check for Update was no longer available on several Samsung handsets.

Update: We also have device reports from Nothing, Xiaomi, Nokia, Motorola, and Android 12 (included in our comments).

check Google Play system updates
check Google Play system updates

It’s possible that this modification was made on purpose and that, moving future, tapping Google Play System Update would only display a different screen when a new version is truly ready for download. By eliminating the option to manually take down updates, Google may be aiming to have these updates work in the background when introducing this new behavior (assuming it worked like that originally).

The majority of individuals became aware of the disappearance after Android 13 because everything might have been current by then. The August updates, meanwhile, are not yet generally accessible.

However, unless Google is deliberately changing rollout approaches, there is no harm in providing end users with a button to check for updates, especially if they have been trained to look for them and want to install them as soon as they become available. This makes the case that the issue is a bug.

check Google Play system updates
check Google Play system updates

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