This October, Tales From The Borderlands will continue.

The following Tales From The Borderlands game, which picks up where the previous one left off, will be released this year, according to a recent announcement from Gearbox. The following Tales From The Borderlands game will actually debut in October. It is a fantastic present for any gamer and will arrive in time for the holidays. Providing they don’t already own it and are eager to play it.

This isn’t your standard Borderlands game, for those unaware. In actuality, it’s hardly the only game that veers slightly off the prescribed path. By incorporating motifs from tabletop games, Tiny Tinas Wonderlands departs from the status quo. Even while the gameplay is largely unchanged, the game is still primarily a looter shooter played in first-person, it still features many classes, and it still has plenty of comedic moments.

Everything is more of a story-based adventure game in the Tales edition. No gunshots, then, and no looting. They are replaced by more in-depth plot content that offers a wide range of player options, such as a choose your own adventure option. nevertheless, in the Borderlands.

Advertisement On October 21, THE UPCOMING TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS WILL RELEASE. The game was officially announced earlier this year, although it hasn’t yet released. However, Gearbox has stated that it will be released on a variety of platforms. PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch among others. Although the exact price of the game is yet unknown, if it is anything like the original, players should expect to pay roughly $30. especially in light of the fact that this title is more narrative-based.

It’s interesting to note that the mobile version of the first Tales From The Borderlands game was finally launched. As were numerous Telltale’s Tales series video games. Having said that, there is no indication of this future game being released on mobile devices. And that might be as a result of Gearbox managing things internally this time.

In any case, if you’re eagerly anticipating this release, you can start playing it towards the end of October.

Advertisement In New Tales from the Borderlands, take a stand against cruel corporate overlords! Octavio, Fran, and Anu are under your control in this action-packed narrative adventure. On October 21, make mayhem your business!
Advertisement Official Gearbox (@GearboxOfficial) August 23, 2022


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