Today, SteelSeries is introducing gaming sound systems.

With its recently unveiled Arena speakers, SteelSeries is breaking into the world of gaming sound systems. Today, SteelSeries made the Arena 3, Arena 7, and Arena 9 speakers official. Each is priced differently and has a range of features to accommodate gamers of all skill levels.

Whether you prefer high-end audio for improved immersion and unmatched sound or are more casual and just want something that sounds decent. Of course, if you fall into the latter category, you’ll probably be looking at the big boy. The 9th Arena This includes a heart-pounding 6.5-inch subwoofer, four speakers, and a center channel speaker. But all of it isn’t inexpensive. While it costs $549.99, it does seem to provide a strong audio experience.

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, consider the Arena 7, which costs $299.99 and drops two speakers and the center channel speaker. Or you might just advance the situation with the Arena 3. At $129.99, this is by far the most economical option, but it just includes the two desk speakers.

Advertisement Although you can connect them with a wired connection if you choose, all three models are Bluetooth-enabled for wireless listening. And if you want to eliminate audio lag, that is probably the preferable option.


All three SteelSeries speakers are currently on sale and can be purchased directly through the SteelSeries website or from a number of retail partners, including Amazon and Best Buy. However, it appears that Best Buy only has the Arena 9 left. That it is the most expensive model of the three is not unexpected.

Advertisement The three variants are all, however, available from Amazon and SteelSeries. Therefore, if you want things as quickly as possible, it would be best to shop at either of those. SteelSeries Reactive PrimeSync RGB lighting is supported on both the Arena 7 and Arena 9. Therefore, for a richer lighting effect during games, these probably pair perfectly with other SteelSeries RGB peripherals.

Additionally, they support a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Mac.
SteelSeries Arena Speakers


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