These phones now get the June patch from OnePlus.

The June 2022 security patch is now being distributed by OnePlus to a small number of devices. Every single smartphone is now receiving the most recent OTA.

Google added the security patch as the seventh post-Android 12 update for all qualified Pixel devices at the beginning of June. A new Pixel Feature Drop was also announced, bringing with it a slew of features and capabilities that, for the time being at least, will only be available on Google’s own line of smartphones. The OTA, which is based on QPR3, came after a slew of beta updates for the Pixel 4 through Pixel 6 series.

OnePlus June 2022 security patch

It’s crucial to remember that OnePlus phones still don’t have the most recent Android 12L/12.1 upgrade, however the OnePlus 10 Pro allows you to test out Android 13 Beta. The availability of this early preview of the upcoming OS upgrade is currently limited, but we anticipate that more devices will have access to it. When it comes to Android updates, OnePlus is not nearly as quick off the mark as Samsung. The most recent security patch wasn’t made available to eligible phones until June 15.

The June 2022 security update has now been installed on a small number of OnePlus devices, but we anticipate a larger rollout in the days and weeks ahead.

OnePlus 10 series OnePlus 9 series OnePlus 7 series OnePlus 7T series OnePlus Nord series Devices still awaiting the June patch How can I get the June 2022 security patch on my OnePlus device?

OxygenOS Open Beta 9

SECTION 10 OF ONEPLUS OnePlus is currently distributing the June 2022 security patch to the OnePlus 10 Pro, which is the only device in the most recent lineup to receive it globally. OxygenOS 12 A.15 is now releasing with a few additional adjustments, such as upgrades for the in-display fingerprint scanner and even a minor camera update.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is the only device that is offered worldwide, as we already explained. The OnePlus 10R, meanwhile, is only available in a few select markets. You’ll be happy to know that the June patch is available with the OxygenOS 12 A.05 update if you do reside in a location where the device is for sale. The Wi-Fi connectivity, camera performance, and charging are just a few of the additional software fixes included in this patch.

ALPHA 9 SERIES Even though the OnePlus 9RT is only sold in China and India, it is a very cost-effective option. If you reside in India (or have imported the handset), OnePlus 10 series 0 for your device should start to roll out soon, along with the June 2022 security patch.

The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are receiving a bi-monthly update with OnePlus 10 series 1 even though the June patch is already nearly two months old. Other issues that were fixed in this update include reporting battery life data and a strange bug that occasionally caused the Quick Settings window to show strange colors.

ALPHA 7 SERIES The recently released OnePlus 10 series 2 allows you to install the June security patch on your OnePlus 7 series device if you don’t mind running preview software. This preview build, which is based on Android 12, includes the June patch along with numerous UI and internal modifications. Sadly, this build has more of ColorOS than just a taste. Hardcore OxygenOS enthusiasts might want to avoid it, however after updating, you will be protected in terms of device security.

After being confirmed in a series OnePlus 10 series 4 over on the official device forums, OnePlus 10 series 3 has begun to seed to OnePlus 7 and 7T series handsets. In addition to the crucial June 2022 security patch, this small patch also includes a few very minor bug fixes. If you don’t want to run preview software on your smartphone, this is fantastic.

ALPHA 7T SERIES Updates frequently occur at the same time because the OnePlus 7 and 7T series are separated by a slight chipset increase. This applies to OnePlus 10 series 5, which is now offered for the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro. Although we wouldn’t necessarily advise OnePlus owners to do this in order to get the most recent patch, it is still an option.

NORD SERIES ONEPLUS The June 2022 security patch, version OnePlus 10 series 6, was the first to be released for the cheap OnePlus Nord N100 in both Europe and North America. This update is still based on Android 11 and only includes the June security patch.

After the recent release of the Nord 2T, it is unexpected to see that the Nord 2 has already gotten the most recent security patch. On June 15, OnePlus 10 series 7 started to be distributed, however the changelog only contained the most recent patch. This comes after the inexpensive smartphone’s earlier in the month OnePlus 10 series 8 deployment, which resulted in Android 12.

OnePlus 10 series 9, which offers some additional adjustments especially for Microsoft Intune, has started rolling out to compatible devices for the OnePlus Nord 2T. One of the first official post-release upgrades for the Nord 2T, which hasn’t yet gone on sale in every region, is provided by this.

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 is the only other device that has received an upgrade as of June 22. On the OnePlus Forums, the Community Edition device has been seen using OnePlus 9 series 0. Similar to the Nord 2, the changelog for OnePlus smartphones only includes the June 2022 security patch. With the OxygenOS A.09 upgrade starting to roll out in markets where the device has gone on sale, the incredibly inexpensive Nord CE 2 Lite is finally receiving last month’s fix.


A much bigger portion of the OnePlus hardware portfolio is still updated with earlier 2022 security patches, with all models listed below, even if only a very small number of devices are receiving the most recent patch. Due to the frequent biweekly rhythm on which updates are distributed, some devices may have already received a patch before its wider deployment.

Series 10 of OnePlus
OnePlus Pro 10 ( May 2022 patch ) 10R OnePlus (May 2022 patch) Series 9 of OnePlus
Nexus 9 (April 2022 patch) Noose 9 Pro (April 2022 patch) Noose 9R (May 2022 patch) Oppo 9RT (March 2022 patch) Series 8 of OnePlus
8 OnePlus (May 2022 patch) Noose 8 Pro (May 2022 patch) 8T OnePlus (May 2022 patch) Series 7 of OnePlus

7 OnePlus (May 2022 patch) Noose 7 Pro (May 2022 patch) 7T OnePlus (May 2022 patch) OnePlus Pro 7T (May 2022 patch) Series Nord by OnePlus

Nokia Nord (May 2022 patch) Nexus One Nord CE (March 2022 patch) Nexus One OnePlus (May 2022 patch) Nord 2T from OnePlus (May 2022 patch) Nokia Nord CE 2 (March 2022 patch) Nord CE 2 Lite by OnePlus (May 2022 patch) Nord N10 5G from OnePlus (May 2022 patch) Nord N20 5G from OnePlus (May 2022 patch) OnePlus N100 Nord (April 2022 patch) Nexus Nord 5G by OnePlus (March 2022 patch) How can I update my Oneplus device with the June 2022 security patch?

OnePlus May 2022 security update

Updates for devices from OnePlus frequently arrive in stages. This means that it’s not always clear from the first announcement and subsequent confirmation on the OnePlus Forums when you’ll be able to download an OTA file and update or patch your smartphone.

To receive updates on time, our recommendation is to use a third-party program. The community-run program enables sideloading of official files as soon as they become obtainable to the general public. While doing this will guarantee that you receive updates instantly, if you experience issues you might need to go back to an earlier build. If there are serious issues, a device reset may be necessary.

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OnePlus 9 series 2


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