Google Play Store access to Parler’s Android app has been restored.

After being removed from the Google Play Store for 18 months, the Parler Android app has been added back.

Just two days after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, Parler, a social network created as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter, was banned from the Play Store, making it more challenging for Android users to install it. The app’s much more loose moderation procedures were a crucial differentiation at the time and contributed to users’ allure to Parler.

That particular policy was specifically highlighted as the reason for the removal of Parler’s Android app by the Google Play Store team at the time of removal. Users of Parlers had had to manually download the Android app for the past 18 months, but Apple fully reinstalled the social networks iOS app in May 2021 . Apple’s judgment from the previous year was supported by Parler’s guarantee that they would identify and control hate speech.

The Play Store has now given permission for Parler to once again be widely accessible on Android, even at its initial listing, more than a year after Apple restored Parler to its App Store. The business claims that this is a new version of the Android software, putting it in line with the iOS release, and the new listing indicates August 28 as the date of Parlers’ most recent update.

Back again! This new Parler app for Google Play has all the same features as the iOS version. Sign up, browse the Parleys, post your own, comment, and vote up. We welcome everyone’s open dialogue with us!

Google cites the Play Store’s policy of permitting any app that adheres to the platform’s regulations and guidelines, including the demand that content be controlled, in a statement provided to Axios .

As we’ve previously indicated, apps can appear on Google Play as long as they adhere to Play’s developer policies guidelines.

All Google Play apps that include User Generated Content (UGC) are required to implement strict moderation policies that forbid objectionable content, offer an in-app system for reporting objectionable UGC, take appropriate action against that UGC, and remove or block abusive users who disobey the terms of service and/or user policy.

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