These phones now get the April patch from OnePlus.

How is the April 2022 security update being handled? OnePlus guarantees to regularly release system upgrades for its wide range of devices for at least two years, and in certain cases much longer for flagship models.

The security patch was added by Google at the beginning of April as the sixth post-Android 12 update for all qualified Pixel devices, following the addition of a sizable Feature Drop and an upgrade to version 12.1/12L. This OTA introduced several new changes to enhance the user experience on larger displays while also fine-tuning the stock Android 12 user interface for devices.

It is currently unknown when it will be used in OnePlus phones, but going forward, this will serve as the foundation for third-party OEM builds. At some time in the future, it might be incorporated into the complete Android 13 release. When it comes to Android updates, OnePlus is not nearly as quick off the mark as Samsung. The most recent security patch was not made available to eligible devices until April 20.

The OnePlus 10 Pro was released in late March, and future patches are probably going to prioritize it. Despite this, the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro have received excellent support since its release due to the fact that upgrades are frequently provided every two months.

Only a few OnePlus devices have the April 2022 security patch installed as of right now, but we anticipate that to change over the next few days and weeks. The DirtyPipe issue, which mostly affected Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, is patched in the April 2022 security update for OnePlus devices.

OnePlus 9 series OnePlus 7T series OnePlus 7 series OnePlus Nord series Devices still awaiting the April patch How can I get the April 2022 security patch on my OnePlus device?


ALPHA 9 SERIES The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are equipped with a more recent security patch thanks to the OxygenOS C.48 upgrade, despite being replaced by the more modern OnePlus 10 Pro. The most recent patch and a few system stability enhancements are both included in this patch, but not much else.

oxygenos 11 open beta 4 oneplus 7t


The OxygenOS upgrade is now available for the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro, despite being almost identical to the OnePlus 7 Pro and having extremely similar internals and external design. The OnePlus duo’s April 2022 security upgrade is included in this patch, along with some general software stability enhancements.


The April patch for the OnePlus 7T series devices, the OxygenOS OTA , with the same build number, is already rolling out for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. This update only adds the April security update, much like the OnePlus 7T patch.


oneplus november 2021 update

The OnePlus Nord 2 was the first device to really receive the April patch. This improved version of the original Nord is now shipping with OnePlus 9 series 0, which also includes a few bug fixes and the April 2022 security patch. The most recent April 2022 security patch is included with the OxygenOS Open Beta 1 update for the OnePlus Nord 2 if you want to test the Android 12 update before a stable release. It also has all the other features of the most recent OS upgrade.

The most cheap Nord series phone is now receiving OxygenOS 11.0.6. Even though the Nord N100 isn’t a particularly robust or capable smartphone, it does receive the April security patch (through OnePlus 9 series 1). To eligible devices, the update should start to roll out over the next several days.


OnePlus 7T is one of the pool of OnePlus devices lacking the April 2022 security update

A much bigger portion of the OnePlus hardware portfolio is still updated with earlier 2022 security patches, with all models listed below, even if only a very small number of devices are receiving the most recent patch. Patches are frequently distributed on a bi-monthly cycle, thus certain devices may not receive them before a wider rollout of an upcoming patch.

It’s also significant to note that OnePlus has formally affirmed that over the upcoming months, the 6 and 6T series will no longer get updates or support. Mid-November saw an unexpected update for the 2018 flagship pair, who would now only receive unofficial third-party support going forward.

Series 10 of OnePlus
OnePlus Pro 10 (March 2022 patch) Series 9 of OnePlus
Nexus 9 (March 2022 patch) Noose 9 Pro (March 2022 patch) Noose 9R (November 2021 patch) Oppo 9RT (March 2022 patch) Series 8 of OnePlus
8 OnePlus (February 2022 patch) Noose 8 Pro (February 2022 patch) 8T OnePlus (February 2022 patch) Series 7 of OnePlus

7 OnePlus (February 2022 patch) Noose 7 Pro (February 2022 patch) 7T OnePlus (February 2022 patch) OnePlus Pro 7T (February 2022 patch) Series Nord by OnePlus

Nokia Nord (March 2022 patch) Nexus One Nord CE (March 2022 patch) Nexus One OnePlus (December 2021 patch) Nokia Nord CE 2 (March 2022 patch) OnePlus Nord N10 5G (March 2022 patch) (March 2022 patch) OnePlus N100 Nord (February 2022 patch) Nexus Nord 5G by OnePlus (March 2022 patch) How can I update my Oneplus device with the April 2022 security patch?

oneplus april 2022 update

Updates for devices from OnePlus frequently arrive in stages. This means that it’s not always clear from the first announcement and subsequent confirmation on the OnePlus Forums when you’ll be able to download an OTA file and update or patch your smartphone.

To receive updates on time, our recommendation is to use a third-party program. The community-run program enables sideloading of official files as soon as they become obtainable to the general public. While doing this will guarantee that you receive updates instantly, if you experience issues you might need to go back to an earlier build. If there are serious issues, a device reset may be necessary.

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