Google-branded smartwatches were discontinued in 2016; there won’t be a “Pixel Watch” in February.

Last week’s release of the Apple Watch Series 5 sparked a discussion about Google, smartwatches, and how Wear OS falls short of being a serious rival. Today’s study provides further information about Made by Google’s smartwatch ambitions and how Rick Osterloh put an end to Google-branded products in 2016.

There were rumors concerning first-party smartwatches prior to the 2016 Made by Google debut. Of course, no such Google Pixel Watch was introduced at the hardware presentation on October 4.

Business Insider today said that such watches were were scheduled to be presented alongside the Pixel and Pixel XL, but Rick Osterloh abruptly cancelled the event for a variety of reasons. The newly appointed head of hardware desired a consistent design language for all products.

That wasn’t the case with the watches created by LG and the other devices that had been published, but what was more worrying was performance and the lack of compatibility between the Pixel phones and wearables. According to a former worker on the project, even something so simple as syncing didn’t work that well. Osterloh finally wished to prevent a supplementary item from tarnishing the reputation of the Google hardware brand. The watches appeared to be more similar to the LG Nexus model than the Pixel.

Despite the fact that the product shooting was complete, these factors resulted in the project being abandoned at the last minute. It’s unclear if a definitive name was ever chosen, and an interesting source who spoke to BI noted that the branding for the Pixel phones wasn’t settled upon until it was almost too late.

The product was ultimately saved and released as the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport. The study continues by outlining Wear OS’s present dreadful situation in terms of sales and developer support. According to sources cited by Business Insider, no Pixel Watch or other comparable Google product will be released the following month.

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