These Beautiful Vintage Automobiles Were Covered In A Barn

The vehicles in this barn find include some of the most sought-after makes for European and British collectors. Although the majority of the items on display fall into the same general category—mid-’70s to mid-’90s, British and European models, primarily adored inexpensive classics—the unidentified collector didn’t hesitate to venture outside of their comfort zone. True luxury animals make an appearance. The collection includes a Bentley and at least one vintage Rolls-Royce in addition to numerous gorgeous Jags, most notably a V12. Even a Massey Ferguson tractor that dates to the 1950s or 1960s is present.

With the exception of a few expensive standouts, this collector’s obsession appears to have been coupes, hot hatchbacks, quick convertible roadsters, and various runabouts, especially those produced or offered on the British market. After searching for a while, Motor1 discovered numerous stunning vehicles, such as a Ford Sierra XR4, an Escort Cosworth, and other British fast Fords. The Bearded Explorer describes over 10, including at least two rare MGB GTs, indicating the collector also clearly appreciated MG vehicles. Even a few Morrises and a vintage Land Rover are present. Despite the collector’s affection for their country of origin, they nevertheless managed to acquire some Continental masterpieces: a Porsche 924 and 944, as well as other German classics like a BMW 635CSi and a Golf GTI, are all there.

Overall, even in its current state, this collection appears to be worth far over $100,000. That worth might rise by an order of magnitude following a significant repair effort. No matter how much money is involved, any fan of excellent automobiles, especially wonderful roadsters and low-range sports cars, should pause to admire the exquisite metal on show.


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