According to Elon Musk, Pepsi will acquire a Tesla semi first and soon.

Tesla has been quite clear that the Semi is intended for wealthy commercial customers. It is therefore not surprising that the first customer to receive its hands on the Semi is Pepsi is anticipating deliveries to begin in December of this year. But the multinational beverage company signaled its interest in 2017 by placing pre-orders for 100 Semi trucks. Budweiser, Walmart, and UPS are a few of the other clients that have expressed interest in electrifying their fleet. Budweiser also purchased 40 placed pre-orders vehicles in the same year.

The biggest promise is in relation to energy usage, even though an electric truck may seem like a more ecologically sensitive concept that will be a symbol of business mobility in the future. According to Tesla, the Semi consumes less than 2kWh per mile and will significantly lessen the environmental damage caused by gas-guzzling long-distance commercial trucks.

Additionally, Tesla is promoting the sleek truck as a more cost-effective option for business customers, citing a gross savings of $200,000 on fuel -related expenses in just three years of ownership. Another benefit is the decreased maintenance burdens brought on by OTA updates for feature addition and issue resolution, remote diagnosis, and the absence of many moving parts. Regarding the charging rates, the corporation boasts a top-up of up to 70% in just 30 minutes.


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