There might be a real “high-five” emoji in the upcoming batch of emoji for Android and iOS.

Our current language now includes emoji, therefore it makes a huge deal when new ones are added to the collection. With the release of Unicode 15, the following round of emoji may finally include a real high-five emoji in addition to other alternatives.

Emojipedia says that there are only 31 new emojis on the list that could be added to the Unicode 15 standard. That is reportedly the smallest number ever submitted for inclusion in the standard and less than a third of the amount that was submitted for approval last year. Although the draft list this year contains some nice additions, it’s puzzling why it’s so small.

A pink heart and pushing hands are possibly the two most striking elements. Many people have long requested the former, while the latter finally provides the neighborhood with an official high-five emoji.

A high-five or turning down something are both represented by the emoji of two pushing hands. Although the Folded Hands emoji is officially and is intended to indicate prayer, thanks, praise, and similar acts, it has been used for years to signify a high-five.

The 31 emoji (including skin tone variations) that are now up for approval in Unicode 15 are simply a draft at this moment and are susceptible to change before the deadline in September. However, Emojipedia notes that the majority of the possibilities, if not all of them, usually get chosen.

The entire list of prospective new additions consists of:

Shaking Face Pink Heart Grey Heart Blue Heart Heart Leftward Pushing Hand, Pushing Hand (with five skin tones) (with five skin tones) Moose Animal Wing Goose Jellyfish Ginger Hyancinth Pea Hair Pick with Pod for Folding Hand Fan Black Bird Wireless Maracas Flute Khanda

This is what the next batch of emoji might look like .

Naturally, when Unicode 15 emoji are completed, Android and iOS will be among the first platforms to support them. That’s just in time for the introduction of iOS 16, but noticeably a little bit after Android 13 begins to go out.

Google is on schedule to deliver Android 13 as early as next month, so the new emoji wouldn’t be available for Pixels until a subsequent upgrade. However, as reporters Max Weinbach and Dylan Roussell discovered, Samsung is just now adding support for some late 2021 emoji in the One UI 5.0 upgrade. The timeframe also gives Samsung time to include these new emoji in its One UI 5.0 release.

Naturally, we’re also eager to see what the chefs at Google’s Emoji Kitchen will come up with for this new list.
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