YouTube ML converts vertical, short-attention-span video advertising from landscape ones.

Google wants to make it simpler for companies to develop vertical video advertising because YouTube Shorts are a major emphasis for the video platform.

According to the viewer’s viewing orientation, YouTube is testing a new machine learning system that reformats landscape video advertising into square or vertical layouts. The landscape footage is divided into scenes using the ML model, which scans it for faces, important objects, logos, text, and motion. The vertical output has been restructured to center and display crucial information correctly.

This is intended for advertisers who might not have the specialized resources to produce several assets. As seen on YouTube:
discovered that advertising using only landscape creative assets achieved 10–20% fewer conversions per dollar on YouTube Shorts than campaigns using vertical creative assets.

YouTube vertical ads
YouTube vertical ads

These quickly flipped video advertisements are being tested by YouTube for App campaigns, and they will soon be made available for Video action and Performance Max campaigns as well.

Additionally, advertisers receive:

The video creation tool in Google Ads in the Asset Library now includes one square template and four new, editable vertical video ad templates. Our auto-generated video solution, which generates vertical videos depending on inputs you provide for a campaign, like text and images, has added a new collection of vertical video ad templates. Between July 2021 and June 2022, YouTube paid the music industry more than $6 billion, according to an announced report from earlier this week. This is an increase of $2 billion from the prior quarter. For the second year in a row, user-generated content (UGC) accounted for over 30% of payments made to artists, songwriters, and rights holders.

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