The YouTube Studio App Gets a Makeover for The Material You

You should be familiar with the YouTube Studio app if you’re a YouTuber. It is the app that enables you to keep track of what is happening with your content. The app’s look hasn’t changed in a year, but it recently did. According to 9To5Google , the YouTube Studio app has recently undergone a Material You makeover.

People who work in the Android industry are familiar with Material You inside and out. It is the kind of design that Google introduced to Android in 2017. This design language is now present in nearly all of Google’s apps, and YouTube is beginning to follow suit.

Recently, we’ve begun to notice some of the impact in the YouTube Music app. Some of the app’s buttons feature the familiar rounded pill design that we now see on all Android devices. The Play and Scuffle buttons in particular are rounded.

Advertisement YouTube Studio now has the content you created. Compared to the music app, the YouTube Studio app has received far more attention. The entire thing has been redesigned rather than just a few buttons.

Like the majority of Android 11, the interface is no longer flat and square. Additionally, a bottom bar with buttons for the Dashboard, Content, Analytics, Comments, and Monetize sections has taken the place of the tabbed top bar. The absence of the side panel is another significant distinction.

You will now see a screen containing your channel and subscribers along with some basic metrics when you start the app. Watch time and your views are displayed in rounded rectangles directly below. You’ll see your three most recent uploaded videos along with views, “likes,” and comments just beneath those. They’re all presented in rounded rectangles, as you would have guessed.

Advertisement If you enjoy the video analytics, you’ll notice that other portions of the app adapt to match the Material. The software does not adhere to Dynamic Colors, which is the only thing to keep in mind. As a result, the background color of the app won’t alter based on your wallpaper.

You should make sure that your app is fully updated if you’re waiting for this new style. Find YouTube Studio in your local app store and check to see if an update option is available. If not, you should give it a few days to get to your phone.


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