The rollout of Google Camera 8.5 for Pixel phones has begun.

A new version of the Google Camera, called version 8.5 , is coming to Google’s Pixel phones. The fact that Google doesn’t exactly update the app frequently makes this update unexpected. Though not this soon, we did anticipate one of these updates to appear around the launching of the Pixel 6a.

Google Camera 8.5 is being made available for Pixel phones. It appears that the update is accessible to a variety of Pixel phones, including both high-end and mid-range models. We don’t know which specific phones are supported, but the Pixel 4A and 5A 5G as well as the flagship Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will receive it.

What’s new here, you might be wondering. Well, it appears that this is a fairly tiny update. There don’t appear to be any new features or anything similar incorporated. In fact, there doesn’t appear to have been any change at all.

Advertisement More than other Pixel devices, the Pixel 6a is probably the focus of this upgrade. Google is probably changing the software to ensure that the Pixel 6a operates as efficiently as possible. As a refresher, that will be the first phone to integrate the 12.2-megapixel camera Google has been using since 2017 with the Google Tensor SoC.

The Google Tensor SoC is also used by the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, however they have a newer main camera with a 50-megapixel ISOCELL GN1 sensor. The Pixel 6a is the first device to make use of the aforementioned pairing.

THIS APPEARS TO BE A SMALL UPDATE CENTERED ON THE PIXEL 6A It’s possible that this update contains anything that we missed. Of course, there may be some discrepancies in the image quality or anything like. Nevertheless, neither Google nor we have noticed anything as of yet.

Advertisement Overall, all signs point to a relatively minimal update specifically for the Pixel 6a. Reminder: The Pixel 6a will launch on sale and be available for pre-order on July 28.


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