YouTube may make it even simpler to navigate videos.

You can move around a YouTube video in approximately a dozen different ways, including by wiping the film or tapping on time codes. While this is true, it appears that the business wishes to incorporate yet another technique. YouTube is experimenting with a method to make it even simpler to browse videos.

This feature hasn’t been released yet, and it might not be. Through a unique scheme, the corporation enjoys testing out some features on premium subscribers. These test features can be temporarily enabled, and you can comment on them.

Visit this link to see what the company is working on if you want to test out the functionality. Just be aware that using them requires premium membership. You should restart the app a few minutes after turning on the feature.

Advertisement IT WILL BE EASIER TO SEARCH THROUGH VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. When watching a YouTube video, you might occasionally be seeking for a specific section, which can be challenging when you’re watching longer recordings. As you move through, a tiny portion of the film is visible, which is quite helpful.

YouTube will make it simpler to see where you’re going to land with this new experiment. All you have to do is slide up to activate the progress bar and tap on the tiny red dot.

A row of thumbnails will then appear at the bottom of the screen. You will then have the option to swipe through those thumbnails. You will be able to see the whole screen for each thumbnail as you swipe through them, giving you a greater sense of where you are going.

Advertisement Once you’ve selected the appropriate thumbnail, tapping it will advance you to that spot in the video. If you don’t want to go there, the page doesn’t exactly explain how to cancel it. You should be able to cancel it most likely by simply swiping down.

You have a month to test out this experiment before it ends because it will be running until July 27. There is no assurance that this functionality will return once it is removed.


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