The Most Common Windows Discord Issues And Solutions

Users frequently experience lag or the service working slowly on Discord. When chats don’t load as quickly as usual or when the video and audio start to lag, you might notice this issue. There are a few various techniques you might try to restore things to their previous pace if you’ve noticed these changes. It’s also possible that Discord’s servers are having problems, in which case you’ll just have to wait for the company to fix the problem and not you. On this web page , you can check the status of the Discord server.

You should check to see if the Discord application needs to be updated after assuming the server status is normal. Simply open Discord on Windows and press CTRL R to complete this (via Business Insider ). This will cause Discord to check for updates and, if necessary, install them. Discord usually updates itself automatically on Windows, but it never hurts to double-check. Try restarting your network if updating doesn’t resolve the issue. Lag can undoubtedly be caused by internet issues, and if you experience it with other internet-using programs as well, your connection may be to blame.

To do this, first click the network icon in the Windows Taskbar’s lower right corner, and then choose Network and Internet Settings. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the window that appears, choose Advanced Network Settings, and then pick “Network reset.” Make sure you have your network credentials on hand so you can set it back up after the reset is complete. After that, you may try opening Discord once more and see whether everything is back to normal.

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You should also verify that Discord is connected to the appropriate PC microphone, which will be displayed as the input device. Go to Discord’s settings by clicking the gear symbol, then select Voice and Video to verify this. Make sure the appropriate microphone is selected in the Input Device menu by clicking on it. Then, if you’re using a camera, scroll down to the Camera section and select the appropriate option from the selection. Within the same menu, you can confirm that you are prepared to use the push-to-talk option (via Discord ).

Discord Your next move should again be to check for Discord updates if everything appears to be in working order but you are still unable to see or hear anything. If it doesn’t work, you should update your drivers, which is covered in the section above under “Discord won’t open.” Discord can be launched as an administrator by quitting the application, right-clicking its icon, and choosing that option. You might also give that a shot. Again, don’t hesitate to contact Discord Support if none of these fixes manage to resolve your problem. Now is also a fantastic time to discover everything Discord has to offer if you’re new to it or have used it for a while but never fully explored its features.


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