Wordle Answer #482 for today

Floor is the solution to today’s Wordle puzzle (#482 for October 14, 2022). The word has a number of different meanings in addition to the ones we’ve included in the previous section. To floor someone in boxing is to deliver a punch that causes them to fall to the ground. If you install flooring, such as carpet or tiles, you are also flooring the room or space. The word floor is derived from the Old English word “flor,” which originally meant a flat surface and was derived from the Proto-Germanic word “floruz” and the Proto-Indo-European word “plaros” (via Etymonline ).

Although our first guess, grain, featured some of the most well-liked letters in both English and Wordle starting words, we didn’t begin our guessing with an expert-recommended starting word today (“A,” “I,” “R,” and “N”). We’d say the puzzle floored us for a while, but it just took three more words to rule out options and accumulate enough data to find the solution. WordleBot took four attempts to complete the puzzle; we sincerely hope it takes you less time.


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