Samsung’s Soundbar’s Spotify Connect Has Stopped Working

Spotify Content won’t be supported on a Samsung soundbar any longer, according to SamMobile , because the two firms’ license arrangements have ended.

Some Samsung soundbars come preloaded with Spotify Content. It enables users to stream music directly from the Spotify app without the use of any intermediaries or third-party services.

However, the HW-MS650, a well-liked Samsung soundbar, no longer supports Spotify Content. The license contracts between Spotify and Samsung are no longer in effect. It appears that neither of the corporations wanted to extend it.

Advertisement THE SAMSUNG HW-MS650 SOUNDBAR IS LOSEING SPOTIFY CONTENT Given that Spotify Content offers a hassle-free method of streaming music, it might greatly enhance Samsung soundbar’s usefulness and level of integration. However, Spotify Content won’t function on your device if you’re using the Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar. For Spotify users who purchased the HW-MS650 soundbar because of its connectivity with Spotify Content, this is not good news.

The Spotify Content is gone permanently and is not likely to return, according to a Samsung Community manager from the Netherlands named answered .

It is accurate to say that streaming is no longer successful. The contracts with the partners have expired and have not been renewed, which is the cause of this. You are thus unable to access particular channels or streaming services. However, you can combine Bluetooth and the Multiroom app. CM for Samsung mentioned.

Advertisement Customers can still use the Multiroom software over Bluetooth, the Samsung Community manager confirms. The Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar no longer has access to Spotify Content, nevertheless.

Which party made the decision not to extend the contract is still unknown. However, owners of Samsung soundbars are now afraid as a result of the report. They fear that because of expiring license agreements, their equipment may become unusable in the future.


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