In 2023, more smartphones might feature uniform bezels.

The Nothing Phone, Nothing’s first smartphone that hasn’t been released, is receiving a lot of media attention (1). Many people have been impressed by its transparent rear design, which includes LED lights and other unique features. Although the front design isn’t particularly noteworthy, users have taken notice of the device’s consistent bezels surrounding the display. And it seems that this will continue to be popular in 2023.

Several major smartphone makers will release flagship handsets with consistent display bezels next year, claims renowned smartphone leaker Ice Universe. Particularly, they mentioned the Xiaomi 13. Uniform bezels on the Xiaomi 12 series were supposed to be coming from the Chinese manufacturer, but they weren’t. It seems that this display technology will be included in the upcoming versions.

2023: UNIFORM BEZELS COULD BECOME A TREND Uniform bezels are nothing new, of course. In 2020, Google implemented that with the Pixel 5. The display bezels on all three of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 variants are the same width. Some tablets have been doing it as well, including the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. But when it comes to tablets, the rules are different. Their screens are larger. Because of this, OEMs are able to maintain bezel thickness, which facilitates the production of homogeneous bezels.

Advertisement On smartphones, getting the same outcome is a little more challenging. We have nearly squeezed away the bezels, at least on flagship models, due to our never-ending search for more screen real estate. Carrying electronic contacts all the way to the edge of the screen’s fragile glass is an engineering problem. Of course, it’s not impossible, as numerous businesses have demonstrated. However, there are difficulties and maybe higher prices as well.

Because of this, most modern smartphones feature top and side bezels that are slightly narrower than the bottom bezel, often known as the chin. All of the contacts are made here. Things are much easier with this design. Even Google, which had previously introduced consistent bezels on the Pixel 5 series, went back to the huge chin design for the Pixel 6 series.

However, additional smartphone manufacturers might release models in the coming months with bezels that are the same width all the way around the screen. Given that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have a bigger chin, Google might decide against switching back just yet. But the Nothing Phone (1), which has consistent bezels, will be available soon. Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series will probably maintain the uniform appearance as well. According to rumors, Xiaomi will attend the event in 2019. In 2023, it will be interesting to see who else joins the uniform bezels bandwagon.


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