Potential Hall Effect Sensor for Detecting Magnetic Fields in the Google Pixel 7

A Hall effect sensor to detect magnetic fields may be included in the Google Pixel 7 according to the most recent reports by tipsters. Flip covers also utilize this sensor.

The Pixel 7 still hasn’t been publicly unveiled by Google, and its launch is still months away. However, every day new web rumors regarding the alleged specifications appear. The most recent Google Pixel 7 news is posted on Twitter by Mishaal Rahman . He discovered a Hall effect sensor’s location while looking through some debug documentation.

As an aside, the existence and strength of magnetic fields are detected by phone Hall effect sensors. The Pixel 2 had this type of sensor, however Google opted to do away with it in the following models. The probability that the Pixel 7 supports flip covers is increased by the Hall effect sensor’s inclusion.

Advertisement Support for flip covers may return with Google Pixel 7. Both the screen and the body are well-protected by the flip covers. The phone may switch the screen on or off based on the information it receives from the Hall effect sensor and they rely on embedded magnets.

Both Google and Pixel buyers will profit in some ways from the return of flip cover support. Customers can upgrade their phone’s level of protection, and Google can add some posh flip covers to its approved accessory assortment.

Of fact, a few hints point to the presence of a concealed Hall effect sensor in the Google Pixel 6a. Despite Google leaving it out of the hardware spec sheet, Mishaal Rahman claims that the Pixel 6a has the necessary driver. Bring a small magnet up close to the screen to see if your Pixel 6a turns on or off to test whether it contains a Hall effect sensor. You might alternatively wait for a thorough disassembly of the phone.


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