Chrome will become more stylus-friendly with Android 13

Stylus life is increasingly prevalent in the smartphone industry because to devices like the Galaxy Note/ S22 Ultra, TCL Stylus 5G, and Motorola G Stylus 5G. Because of this, Chrome is getting a new feature that will improve its usability with a stylus on Android 13. (and you can thank Samsung for this).

Google Chrome and a number of other browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Brave, are built on the Chromium platform. Chromium receives updates from a sizable community, and those changes aid in its long-term growth and development.

Samsung is one of the businesses that supports Chrome, and it has been a significant supporter. Some of our favorite browser features can certainly be attributed to that business.

Advertisement ON ANDROID 13, CHROME COULD BE BETTER FOR STYLUS When it comes to stylus phone users, Samsung planted the germ for a very unique function. Given that the Korean giant essentially has the market cornered for stylus phones, this should not be shocking.

A new commit to Chromium was made that enables handwriting-to-text conversion, as first noted by Mishaal Rahman . This implies that you can manually type the text you want to be transformed into text. The text boxes intended for passwords will be an exception.

As of right now, Android Police reports that users of Samsung devices running Android 13 are able to access the feature. Although it first appears to be designed for Samsung phones, there’s no question that it will soon be made available for other phone manufacturers as well.

Advertisement You must have the developer settings on your device enabled in order to use this feature, which is still in development. Thus, the functionality is still undergoing testing. When this feature will be widely available is uncertain. When it does reach more individuals, an announcement should absolutely be made to let us know.


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